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7 Steps towards STEM Success

OBotz offers an all-in-one robotics program, making it easy for children to learn the fundamentals of machine learning and robotics programming.

In OBotz Robotics programs, children can experience the thrill of hands-on learning, where they get to build and program their own robots. From understanding basic components to exploring advanced functionalities, these 7 programs foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

By enrolling in OBotz, children gain a solid foundation in robotics and coding, enabling them to unleash their full potential and become innovators and leaders of tomorrow's technology-driven world.

Funtronix Robot

Level 1

Funtronix (Fun with Electronics)






Applications & Projects


Activities & Challenges

Projects like :
  • Continuity Tester

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Wire Frame Game (Kids design their own Games)

  • Automated Street light

Students will learn :
Series and Parallel circuits
Logic Gates
Motors & Concepts of STEM
Robotx Car

Level 2

Robotrix (Machine Designing)


Robot Designs & Simple machines


Observations & Computationss


Applications & Projects


Activities & Challenges

Machines built are :
  • Industrial Crane - The machine is designed to pick up box from one place and release at the destination

  • ATM Machine - Kids build a prototype of an ATM machine.

  • Robo-Soccer - It's time to play with robots. The kids design their robot to compete.

  • Robo-War - The kids work on ideas to defeat the opponent by using some mechanism which can push the opponent out of the arena.

Students will learn :
Machine Designing
Drive Systems
Simple and Complex Machines
Computational Mathematics
STEM Concepts
Solarix Wireless

Level 3

Solarix (Solar + Wireless)

Projects like :
  • Solar mobile charger

  • Obstacle avoiding robot

  • Wall following robot

Students will learn :
Wireless Circuits
Working of a Solar Panel
Encoding & Decoding
Logic Building and Complex Circuits
RoboVI Robot

Level 4

RoboVi (Autonomous Robot using Visual Programming)

This level is based on VISUAL programming by Using BLOCKS.

Students Will Create :
Projects :
  • Party/Christmas Lights

  • Stopwatch

  • Clap based Fan

Applications :
  • Traffic Light Controller

  • Human Counter (COVID-19 Project)

  • Smart Parking Systems

Students will learn :
Control Loops
Logic Gates
IR Sensors
Servo Motors
Logic Building & Algorithm Development

Level 5

C-Robo (Autonomous Robot using Embedded C programming)

Applications :
  • Distance Calculator using Ultrasonic Sensor (Used in Construction)

  • LCD display (Scrolling) (Used in Retail Industry)

  • Mobile controlled Robot (Used in Industrial Automation)

  • Gesture controlled Application (Used in phones to flip the screen)

  • Design a game – Maze solver (Used in Packing Industry)

Students will learn :
Ultrasonic Sensor
Bluetooth Technology
LCD Display
Accelerometer Sensor
Embetrix Robot

Level 6

Embetrix (Embedded systems using Embedded C programming)

Applications :
  • Trobotic arm control using Joystick

  • Electronic password locker

  • Thermostat Controller

  • Calculator Program

Students will learn :
Working of : Joystick, Stepper Motor, SSD, Thermistor
Writing Complex Codes and Creating Functions
Robot Face

Level 7

Walk OBotz (Walking robots & Humanoids)

Projects :
  • 2-legged Robot (Humanoids)

  • Exercise robot

  • Dance movements

  • 4-legged Robot (Imitate a dog)

Students will learn :
Stability of Humanoid, move them in all 4 directions, making them dance and do exercise
Zibo Robot
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