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At OBotz, we believe we should each find meaning in our work and team members should have the freedom to help make a difference in the world. So, become a part of our OBotz team and start your journey to making a change today!

Robotics Course Instructor

Full Time

  • Proficient in Communication and Time Management abilities

  • Degree in a relevant technical field

  • Passion to learn new technology and a quick learner

  • Teaching experience would be an asset.

  • Good Presentation & Class Management skills.

Job Description
  • Conduct a robotics session as mentioned in the curriculum.

  • Teach students the principles of Robotics, Electronics, Coding, and structural members of a robot.

  • Follow the specified system for attendance, evaluation

  • Conduct tests and evaluate the papers.

  • Support students during the class and co-ordinate with parents regarding their progress.

  • Required : Ability to acquire a working knowledge of OBotz Robotics curriculum, problem-solving skills, and computer programming skills

  • Preferred : computer science/math/science/engineering background and/or experience with robotics

  • Preferred : Experience working with children

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