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It is a multi-disciplinary robotics program with a specially designed curriculum to teach young children about robotics. The program utilizes hands-on activities to engage a child's curious mind. Children learn to experiment, innovate and build robotic models and machines throughout the 7 progressive levels of the course.

The duration of the course is:

3 months each for Level 1 to 3

4 months each for Level 4 to 7

The children will learn the fundamental concepts of STEM by doing hands-on activities and creating projects based on real life applications. They will also develop their soft skills by solving worksheets, presentations and doing research work.

Children come in once a week for 2 hours

This program will promote all-round development in your child by engaging them in different activities like creating projects and inspiring them to think out of the box.

Students will learn Object Oriented Visual programming in Level 4 by using M-block and then learn Embedded-C which is a machine language in Level 5 to 7 based on Arduino boards.

The robotics programs in the market today are excellent entry points into the field of Robotics. Most of them are Lego based which gives the students the basic concepts of controlling.

We are achieving more that just by introducing kids to the world of robotics. We are delving into the depths of the hardware for a start and giving children the hands-on exposure to working with electrical and mechanical concepts at the grass-roots level. We are building the minds of the kids to understand the basics so when they start taking part in competitions where they would have to build their own robots from scratch, they will have the required training for it. This is something that the other programs in the market are not gearing the kids towards. There may be some home grown products that may be addressing this concept but the extent of the structure we have in the OBotz program, the step by step evolution through the levels and the programming in the last four levels differentiates the OBotz program from what is available in the field of robotics, today.

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