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Robots Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend. Heres how!
Robots Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend. Heres how!

More and more parents across Canada understand that robots are more than just fun, and provide a great learning tool. Be it STEM learning, hands-on training or problem solving, robots encourage critical and creative thinking skills.

1. Robots bring out the creative skills in children

Parents might wonder how a machine, technology, logic, and program-driven robots can bring out the creativity in children. However, that’s precisely what robotics for kids can do.

When children explore robotics and try to build working robot models through gears, levers, batteries, motors, sensors, components, coding and more, they are in a way bringing their creative thinking skills in action.

With the same components, they might make an RC-controlled race car, a crane or a windmill. These exercises need creativity and critical thinking and that’s what robotics for kids can provide.

2. Robots ensure children get ‘hands-on learning’

There are several after school programs offering robotics courses and many of them ensure children get hands-on learning. Also referred to as kinesthetic learning, hands-on training allows children to acquire self-knowledge at their own pace, comfort, confidence level, and creative liberties.

Children are encouraged to think, create, inquire and play to check their knowledge and boundaries of imagination & application.

A thoughtfully designed robotics after school program will expose children to trial and errors so that they can use their independent thinking, get their problem-solving approach in action, and even work in collaboration with other kids.

3. Robots can make coding simplified and easier for kids

If you have Google searched ‘coding for kids near me’, you are among several parents who understand the importance of coding and are looking for training classes for their children. Building robot models allows children to code and develop their computational thinking skills. They enhance their logical and sequential thought processes.

During the coding classes, children run and test their code, identify errors and solve them to complete the task. These skills are not limited to robotics, and children use them in all areas of life.

Robots are surely going to play a big part in our everyday lives in the future. Allowing children to get acquainted with robotics and technology will get them well-versed with the latest happening and enhance their learning.

O’Botz is an after school program offering robotics for kids. The program is based on STEM-learning and a great way to introduce coding in kids learning. To locate your nearest O’Botz center, visit: www.obotz.ca/locator